01 December 2008

family outing

Firas has been doing well during our first outing to Jusco last week. Settled down in stroller quietly and it lasted for 2 hours. Such a good start eh adik? When he started to show signs of discomfort and making sounds, I ran into the bathroom to bf him, unfortunately there was not even a single chair available, and the odor of the place is too stench that I decided to go out. Last2 bf dlm car jer :p

Over the weekend plak we went to pasar malam on Saturday evening and tesco on Sunday. Sgt behave lagi :)This time around I expressed milk in advance, and we brought a carrier (bought during idlan’s time and worn only twice) just in case he didn’t want to sit in stroller. I babyweared him after feeding and wallah…after ½ hour he dozed off. Cayalah dik! Three outings and you scored well….pasni bley gi jejln lagi ok!


mamselle said...

yati,upload skek gmbo babywear firas hehe.

yatipruzz said...

tak amik gamba pon :(
konon nk amik b4 balik umah, tp si abang wat perangai plak nak mainan meraung satu tesco tuh huhu

taper, next time gerenti amik hehe