31 December 2008


When everyone is jotting down his/her new year resolution, surprisingly only know I find myself thinking hard of creating my own one. And here goes the list :

- To exclusively breastfeed Firas till he reaches 1.5 y-o. If it lasted for 2 years, that considered a bonus :)
- To stop (or maybe reduce) impulse buying and splurging on handbags and shoes. I foresee it will be quite hard to fulfil the mission, considering every now and then I kept on browsing these few Co*ch webbies……..sigh
- To enrol into baking class. It’s a long overdue wish that has been postponed several times due to my tight mba schedules, and further delayed when we had Firas.
- If no 3 succeed, it’s a high time for me to get Hot Stove back into action (yet if time permits, and provided Firas turns into an easy-to-take-care-of baby :p)
- To board the aeroplane! (sounds pathetic isnt it but hell I dun care) Anywhere will do, but I aim for gold coast :p Tak dpt tu yg dekat2 pon jadikla….
- To spend more quality time with Idlan, and teach him religiously

okla that’s it…penat pk.

And yessszaaa we gonna go to PD and spend a night there tomorrow. Very impromptu yet thrilled all over the body ekekeke. At last berjaya book hotel...and berjaya kuar dari KL :p Thanx a bunch yang!

Sori Farra date kite ari jumaat cancel eh.


Farra said...

yati..aku pon tak larat nak jejalan jumaat ni ...enjoy ur holidays!

Ummu Auni said...

wah wah ko sampai PD ek..