05 January 2009

Tiara Beach PD

A good beginning for year 2009.
We had a blast fun in PD.

Thanx to abah, our so-called ad hoc holiday saved us a lot since we managed to get a family suite at a much lower price than the single room. Last minute luck I’d say.
Idlan enjoyed the pool water so much, alas si abah so-so je since idlan did not have the gut to go further, what more to try the winding gelongsor n whatnots.
Mama became the consistent and unofficial photographer for them :p
Later on the evening, mama decided to take off Firas’s booties and he got his first contact of the pool water barely at the age of 4 m-o hehe.
Dinner was splendid, we had big plate of fetuccine carbonara, fish n chip and TBR special fried rice.
Idlan had 3-4x ice-cream and snacks in between mandi2 tuh, which cost a ‘huge’ dent in abah’s pocket. Imagine cornetto drumstick/crounchy being priced at 4.50, keropok at 2.50, etc.
Got the chance to try my skill on basketball. Sorry to say i’d be the last person to get chosen by any particular coach I supposed :p Idlan is worst, he simply kicked the ball instead of bounced it haha
And my dear firas, ahh this boy behaved well all the time. And we can conclude he hearts air-cond so much!


Farra said...

tiara beach ke? cemana bleh dpt room rate murah dr single room??

yatipruzz said...

refer email okeh :)

Mynie said...

minta maaf, tumpang nyibuk. boleh tak emailkan saya jugak cara nak dpt special rate tu? thx... mynie.mat@gmail.com
surf website nampak mcm best tpt ni, tp mahalllll...

yatipruzz said...

Mynie...u've got mail!

tinidewi said...

ok email kat bos mu jugak.

en_me said...

me dah pergi tiara beach kat PD tewww.. salammmz