29 January 2009

the long extended CNY holiday

Firas is having series of coughing and vomitting after we got back from Kedah last Tuesday. It was his first time alas he got it pretty bad poor baby. Merengek manjang… his voice has turned into serak2 basah gitew. The bad bugs even made him coughing at night, and I got my fair share of disturbed sleep for the past 2 days (as expected). Get well soon sayang! And si abang plak, lucky he’s ALL ok, in and out. He’s putting up another kilo, now 24kg mak aihhh :p

Apa citer cuti2 kat kampung? Well we went to The Carnivall at Sg Petani. It’s a mini waterpark ala2 desa waterpark gitu. Not bad since it offers few spots and sections for mandi2, few watergames just like the one in tiara beach. Thing that I like most, it got more than 15/20 pangkin (tpt lepak besar) that even Firas found it comfy for him to sleep and rolled over on top of it :) Tickets are priced at RM25 (adult) and RM19 (kids) inclusive of lunch packs (a choice of mee/meehon/fried rice/chic burger+soft drinks). Cool huh…definitely will go again next time!

Good news, my cheque for MRTA claim is ready to be collected tho hubby’s is still pending for processing (we got to claim since we’d refinanced our loan to co’s). I’d harrassed them like more than 7x (since Nov last yr tau) just to get them expedite the processing so I can get my ultimate dream bag in time. But now that the cheque is secured in hand, mood nak shopping dah hilang why meh? What I know for now I’ll deposit a handsome amount of it in my TH, and will allocate around 300-400 to get a new washing machine since the current one is going kaput anytime real soon hehe. That’s it! No new shoes, no new handbags whatsoever. Wahh terasa bangga plak ngan diri sendiri :p I guess part of it is because I’m inspired by lotsa articles from this webbie

Last but not least, go figure farra’s latest post on bijakringgit.com Like it very much. Berapa nisbah hutang anda? Mine alas is more than 35% (loan rumah je tau phewww) huhuhu red alert nih :p


mak ude said...

xde gambar ke gi sg petani tuh?

Farra said...

SP..tempat biasa kami..tapi tak pernah pulak kami terpanggil nak singgah The Carnival tu..yang mana satu pon tak pasti

Idlan 24kg?? sihat btoiii..Ab sama berat ngan Mawaddah

Kalau aku beli kete baru nisbah hutangku for sure terus more 35%..ergh..bukan mudah membuat keputusan nak beli kete baru

ok dh pilih kelas baking maner roger noo

yatipruzz said...

gambar sket je pasal kite duk pegang firas je. tade amik gambar depa mandi pon hehe

farra, dia dekat ngan tesco SP.
1st time aku sampai SP :)

yatipruzz said...

farra, aku salah kira aar. Hutang umah ngan keta share ngan pruzz. So mine recalculate below 35% yeszaaa :p