15 December 2008

Felt drowsy and giddy.
The little boy did not sleep from 2-5am in the morning!
Couldn’t even put him down since he’ll throw out all sorts of sounds. Enough to wake up the whole house.
Refused to sleep. Refused for direct bf. In fact since yesterday’s evening.
This time again he was driving me up to the wall.
At last I gave up. Expressed milk at 4am and fed him using the bottle.

On top of that….

He’ll cry his lungs out everytime I try to put him to sleep. This has prolonged ever since my confinement days. Sigh.
Ya Allah. Please spare me some more patience. At least until he turns 1.

And this is the 6.5kg little boy. Cute isn’t he?
How can I not love you despite all your xxxx manner?
Aduhai sayang cepatlah membesar!


Farra said...

no wonder you slim la yatii ;) be a good boy Firas!

eZa said...

nakal tuh petanda bdk pintar... hehehe bdk2 skang... isk! menguji kesabaran sguh! ;)

yatipruzz said...

farra- slim dlm derita haha
eza - amin.... sesuai la kot maksud nama dia : kecerdikan/ketajaman fikiran. Mintak2la besar esok bijak hehe

ummi said...

now, who says being parents is easy? :P