07 November 2008

There’s so much thing to write, yet so little time I have.

Work has really taken a toll on me. Analysis tu, analysis ni.
Found myself stucked even from the beginning since I don’t have the basic…what more to proceed and complete the whole analysis.I even stunned when looking at the P&L as if that’s my first time having a look at it. Padahal back 6 yrs ago I eat and sleep with the P&L…everything is kacang putih je. Now all looks strange to my eyes. To further elaborate, I couldn’t even remember the meaning of accrual, what more to interpret the figures. The word just doesn’t seem to ever register inside my head. OMG where goes all my accounting knowledge? tahu dek Ms Aliza mati den! (she was my bestest accounting lecturer back in MMU)

Firas is coping well at nursery. He sleeps well, behave well…that’s what being told to us la kan. Nevertheless he doesn’t drink that much as compared to other babies of similar age. On average he only takes 4 bottles/day (around 10-12oz). He’s scheduled for his 3-mth jab this coming weekend, and I hope his weight will increase proportionately, at least within the line. Talking about EBM, as for now I take pn limau’s advice not to invest for a new freezer to store the EBM. Will do clean up occasionally; toss away the old EBM to make way for the recent ones. Our budget is quite tight, further we just splurged ourselves with few house-deco thingy, hence this wont be the right time to spend on something BIG as this.

Si abang is doing ok as well. His attention span in class seems to improve as informed by his teachers, after I’ve allocated more time with him during night time. Yep it’s not that easy to take care of two babies, especially when you arrived late at home, some more having to face bad traffic almost everyday. Exhausted giler, yet I need to persevere. Tak sempat bukak tudung si adik dah bising nak susu, si abang nak susu, nak simpan EBM, basuh botol2…etc etc. Lucky B always stand by my side, if not flat makcik.

Ah my final result is out, alhamdulillah ok, in fact far better than my degree hehe. Dulu sibuk plan nak buat itu ini after habis mba, but as for now, all those plans remained as plan jela nampak gayanyer.


aida said...

i am still stunned about you forgetting your accounting entry. but yeah, it has been 6 years kan.. so ok ler, boleh dimaafkan :P

p/s: gambar EBM belum tempek lagi niee... request nak tgk :P

yatipruzz said...

aku semakin malas bab2 upload n amik gambar ni pasal digicam aku semakin hampeh..manjang blur je...nanti2 la eh aku shoot satu hehe

Julie said...

yati, 1st class eh? tahniah! jeles semua org buat masters.. kite apply lagi ytm this year, harap2 dapat.. tapi nak buat full time kot.. tak sanggup nak buat part time.. huhu

puterikiut said...

yati buat keje sama ngan kak nieta ke.. cam sama je ngadap PNL..accrue la.. at least yati mmg budak acct.. huhu..

tahniah yer dah habis mba dgn jayanya.. kan dah ckp yati mmg power..hehe

yatipruzz said...

eh tak..saya dah lama tak wat keje acctng..saye kat product skang, tapi at times nak wat analysis kena la amik figure2 dari PNL

mba rezzen senang kak nieta/julie....marila amik di rezzen wahahaha

tinidewi said...

alalalala syian staff aku sorang ni. dapat lak boss garang, nasib lerr. tapi, aku memang dah bagitau awal2 kan? aku ni garang teeheehee. anyway, takpe.... prektis make perfect :-D

FYI, there is no rule in doing an analysis, you do not have to be good at accounting, BUT you have to be extra good in mathemathics and logics.

p/s: my only D during uni years is accounting.

yatipruzz said...

aiseh bos dah tegur kat sini malu den :p

bab logic yg lemah tu kak hehehe.
but yeppp, prektis makes perfect...harap2 la hohoho