24 October 2011

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The kids are not well these past few days. It started with Ammar last week where he was down with fever for 3-4 days + lil bit of coughing + runny nose. Then the viral spread to Firas, and today i got my fair share of fever + flu. Hopefully all of us will recover before Deepavali, well it just doesnt feel good to stay at home doing nothing during weekends or public hols :p

Idlan had finished his exam. So far he got 98% for Jawi and 80% for Al Quran. Sgt teruk result Al Quran tuh. He got almost all wrong for Surah Al-Kafirun. It's not that he doesnt remember the surah, in fact he can recites the surah well in front of us back at home. Ni mesti kes silap baca soklan, or kes nak jwb cepat jer huhu.

Last but not least, these are what i baked during the weekend. Mood baking datang balik, but we'll see sampai bila mood rajin ni bertahan hehe

the infamous choc banana bottom square brownies for Oleen. I said 'infamous' bec almost all local bakers have tried out this recipe (tak caye sila google!). But being the normal me, i had amended the original recipe here n there to my liking until i satisfied with the final result :)

a 1.7kg birthday cake for Yati koko's second princess Hani :) She wanted a princess theme, and since am not sure whether the local bakery shop has a ready-stock princess edible image, i recommended her to place a customized order from edibleprint.com.my and pass the image to me :) If i were not mistaken the price is RM18, you may choose your own image and template.

She ordered a 7.5" edible image + 8pcs of 1.6" image. So these small edibles were placed on top of cup cakes.

these xtra cuppies were meant for my kids. I don't like buttercream, so i used ganache instead..mkn dgn eskrem uhhh konfem sedap!!! pastu sakit tekak haha padan muke!

So what's your Deepavali plan peeps?


CT said...

owh this is the cake my kids mentioned yesterday...:) x sangka u bakernye..:)

ZurratulAin said...

yati.. i dun think ur brownie deserves to be classified as infamous.. it looks good and yummy.. it is of course very salivating, really!.. i think the word infamous is meant for something that is known for having bad reputation..

yatiscloset said...

k.ct - hehe yer betul la tu :)

aina - tu la baru tanye pruzz ni. aku selama ni duk igt infamous=famous sbb thesaurus tulis well-known. rupanye famous ala2 perli gitu :p english aku mmg fail la..and thanx for correcting me!!