19 October 2011

What we bought in HK

These are the things that we bought in HK..bukan edisi menunjuk ok. But purely for my personal notes, also for my friends who have upcoming trips to HK so that they at least have ideas what are the things that can be found over there :)

Disney key chains (10 for $100) & fridge magnet (6 for $100, can actually bargain 10 for $100 but we were just too tired to scout arounds at other shops) bought at Ladies Market, fridge magnet (a.k.a can opener $10) and the large magnet ($15) were bought at The Peak.

These were our catch of the day @ Disneyland. Lanyard ($75), Disney keychain ($60), Buzz sword ($120), spinning Buzz ($60), Buzz watch ($100), Disney mug ($45 - not in the pic), fridge magnet ($40). The red Disney hp was bought at the airport ($85).

My favourite!! Our pictures taken in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle ($120)

We bought these at Ocean Park. Fridge magnet sea lion ($45), fan ($19), 2 fridge magnet with panda ($118).

our pictures transformed into FM :)

our catch at The Peak. Tissue cover ($18 each), bag telekung ($50 each), table cloth ($59 each)

Buzz rocket tumbler bought at Disneyland ($45). Satu kaki dah patah...firas jatuhkan kat taska! huhu

perfume bought at Sasa in Nathan Road ($328)

purple this time huh? tukar angin plakss :) Got this for less than $2500.

HK t-shirts bought at Ladies Market ($110 for 5)

last but not least, got the kids a blue/red crocs sandal @ the Citygate outlet ($530.40)

Tu saje kot yg kami beli.

All in all, we spent close to 6k for our whole trip (excluding the air tix & expenses by my mom).

Our overall comment about the trip:

- Transportation-wise very efficient. The MTR arrives on time, its map and route is very easy to understand. But pls pls mind the long pathway that you need to take from one interchange station to another, sgt penat jln ok! Getting around with taxi is cost effective if u travel in 5-6 person. Don’t forget to try out its double-decker tram bus, tak dapat naik kat London tp naik kat sini pun jadiklah! Hehe. You may use the Octopus card to pay for the bus fare and MTR.

- HK people are not friendly at all. They are the type ‘who minds your own business’ and doesn’t care about other people. Even the hotel staffs are not friendly and lack of courtesy. However my SIL said these are their natural behavior and they were just like that. Despite the above, we did meet 2 nice people during our five-day stay in HK. A middle-aged lady who offered a seat in the MTR when she saw me about to squatting down on the train floor to bf Ammar, and also a taxi man that took us back to hotel from the Central station. He chit-chatted with hubby and shared few things about HK and didn’t even mind when we asked him to change our route from Masjid Ammar to The Wesley.

- HK is an expensive city. Everything about HK is expensive, be it the hotel price, food, anything, except for branded items where you can get it at pretty good bargain compared to KL.

- If you’re asking me whether I would want to go again next time, my answer will be no. I guess HK has nothing to shout about, except the Disneyland (and of course the Citygate outlet, a heaven for women! Hehe :p) I rated 7/10 for our HK trip while 9/10 for Gold Coast, taking into account factors like transportation, places of attractions, the people, food, hotel, etc.

Hope the above info helps if not much at least a bit for u to plan ahead for ur HK trip!

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