11 November 2012

Red Velvet cup cakes

I now believe that a lot of people actually loves the red velvet cake. It's not really a hype, or a must-have for everyone just because of its name..but it becomes everyone's favourite and deserves its own recognition due to its distinctive taste - rich, chocolaty and velvety with its bright or dark red color that best paired with creamy n semi-sweet cream cheese frosting. Just perfect for your tea-time, or even best to accompany one during a rainy day :p

Freshly-baked and hot from the oven. Beautiful n enticing aren't they?

Adorned and complete with the cream cheese frosting. Now ready to be delivered to the owner :)

My new-found favourite after the devil's food chocolate cake. And i'm glad that the kids also share the same interest :)

Some few extra pcs lelong to my close friends. Thanx to whoever booked for them..and thanx for your continuous support ya!
We went out to Jusco today just to have this for our eldest. He claimed Saidina for his hadiah exam. I 100% agreed as i also love playing this during my childhood time. Beli rumah, hotel, ladang...bila jumpa tanda soal bley dpt cash money. Tapi kalo kena bayar cukai mesti rasa sedih :p Interesting sangat anyway!! Ai suke beli petak Kuala Lumpur...u ols suke ape? hehe. Anyway harga Saidina nowadays is quite pricey eh...RM60 ok, terkejut tgk price tag tadi...tapi sebab dah janji, layanz sajelah :p


CT said...

ala ada yg cheapo tapi bukan original saidina la..kite beli je yg cap lain tu asalkan buleh main with d same concept..hihihihihihi

y@tipruzz said...

o0o0 ade versi bukan original eh...kami tak tahu :p