13 November 2012

Marble Chocolate Cheese Brownies..and Happy Deepavali!

Tomorrow is Deepavali, which also means we're going to have a veryyyyyyyy long leave plus the weekend. What a bliss!

Anyway this is marble chocolate cheese brownies for a neighbour next door, which she intends to pass it to a friend for some makan2 event.

I must say that apart from roses swirl, i also truly enjoy creating this marble effect on a cake. Sangat menyelerakan (read: seronok!)

And dark chocolate brownies also for the same person. Thanks for ur order beb and enjoy your holiday!

Ok peeps...we're going here on the day after tomorrow. Can't wait!!!! We're still not done with the packing, but i can already feel the aura when the kids got sighted onto the park's site map and screaming 'saya nak masuk yg ni...mama zebra..mama lion...saya taknak masuk Shrek sbb saya takut (guess who said this? haha), saya nak naik Trenthomas (read: Transformers), yada yadaa...hope the kids enjoy this trip like what they usually did before!

Ammar tak lepas for this ride...uh uh..terpaksa gilir dgn abah nnt uwaaaaa

trust that Ammar will enjoy this section :)

ok let's pray that any one of us is dare enough to try out this ride. But definitely not mama!

Have a long n joyous weekend peeps :) Till then~


LiTtLe^m3 said...

Bkn ammar je enjoy... Auntie baiti pun excited sakan kat situ... Enjoy the fun trip! Love it so much...

Hany FF said...

bismillah.. :D