05 November 2012

Devils food cake on the rainy day?

These few days i guess its quite a norm to experience doing your laundry and having to wait for more than 2 days for your clothes to dry up just because its raining almost every day. In the evening to be exact.Its good and such a bliss to cuddle inside ur blanket and sleep during the weekend, but if it is on weekdays, hahh there go bad traffic on the road on ur way back home sigh^

Anyway here go some bakes that i made over the weekend after settled with my first gerak gempur :)

A devils food orange choc cake for a friend in Retail Product, who is going to have this as dessert after she breaks her fast today. Enjoy yer beb!

The original devils food choc cake with no additional flavour. My all-time favourite, which i hope becomes their favourite too. This was ordered by my officemate.

Red velvet cups for a special fren in other division. My first rv in cup cakes version which i truly enjoyed doing these very much!

some extra cups for officemate

the aftermath! this one was eaten by my lil boy in the house...main jilat2 cream at the corner of the sofa. after few minutes when i checked on him u guess what he was doing? dia sudah tertido ok!!! sampai tersengguk-sengguk dah pity boy!!! penat sgt mkn sampai tertido ke sayang? haha

To those sitting for an SPM exam starting today, all the best ya! May u all succeed with flying colors! Can u recall how did u feel walking to the exam hall during those days? mesti dup dap dup dap kan kannn :p


LiTtLe^m3 said...

ewahh ewahhh... aktifnya baking sekarang.. menjeles la kita...

y@tipruzz said...

Haa kalo jeles cepat kuarkn mixer awak! :p

LiTtLe^m3 said...

mixer ada je tersadai atas cabinet kak... :P