28 May 2014

Itinerary in your hp

Despite having a hardcopy version of the full itinerary, make sure to hv a copy in ur handphone as well, in case u lost the paper or misplaced them. My iti does not only contains the attraction places, but there are several other sheets comprising info on our accommodation,how to get around, our budget, food listing, prayer time, shopping list, tips, flight info, weather info n a lot more.
My travelmate is already on leave starting today..while me with a heavy heart got up from bed early as usual n drag myself to the office!
Another useful tips, i find that it is quite convenient to just screen shots whtever salient info u came across while browsing. Easy to take a quick peek when required rather than having to print them, most important u dun need a wifi to get access to the info :) Thenx to my Note 1, u've proven worthy my investment hehe
caiyo caiyo!

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ct_nurmarlissaa said...

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