18 May 2014

Trip Seoul-Jeju: prep part 2

Hubby bought few pcs of travel mesh bag compartments (can be bought fr groupon or lelong) for ease of packing n sorting arrangement. I segregated the compartments according to each of the kids's clothes n ours, hence easy in n out especially when those are dumped into the bag packs. For Karrimor, i put idlan's at the bottom level followed by Firas's. The 2nd n lowest part of the bag pack stuffs hubby's n my spare clothes.
Our big trolley bag houses my clothes, hubby's n Ammar's...also the rest of the travel accesories, medicines, food container n food (inclusive pampers haha).
Toiletries - i just bring along some bath gel n conditioner shampoo collected from hotels in case the one available at our reserved apartments n hotel is not sufficient.
make-ups kit - bring the small-size packaging or bottles to save ur bag space. u sure dont wanna bring along ur full 50ml moisturizer or 100ml perfume arent u? hehe i even bought the smallest toothpaste for us n the kids.
Last but not least, always refer to ur checklist. list them out n tick 'em once done. Missing out a small thing can be very costly n affect ur travel budget (for eg: sanitary pads!).


Farra Da Smiley said...

yg aida bagi tu pon bawak ek? tu cleansing foam ek?

trip be4 this yati bukan 20kg ke?

y@tipruzz said...

b4 tis sokmo 25kg. tukar bwk clinique aida kasi td lg kocik hehe