15 May 2014

Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching

Leaving on a jet plane as a solo traveller this afternoon. The feeling? seriously awkward! been used to go everywhere with hubby n the kiddos around, so when there's a call for an outstation, i had a mixed feeling. In between the joy of boarding the MH series for the first time, and feeling sad of having to leave the boys behind. pathetic mom i am indeed!

Anyway kek lapis s'wak checked! almost 15 boxes mmg x muat luggage hehe so i need to hand-carry few boxes onboard. And now here i am in the hotel room, wa with hubby n geng lunch while still thinking what to hv for dinner. migrain sesgt ok!! hubby asked to just call for the room svc, but the nausea is killing arghh

Enjoy the few pics of this hotel. Secure quite a good bargain for a deluxe room due to the last min booking :)


Farra Da Smiley said...

pestaim naik MH? baru ku tahu!
dasat kali ni migrain sbb tringat anak2

y@tipruzz said...

pestaim yer!! checked aa,mh,emirates...nx in line jejuair hihi