19 June 2012

Amazing Perth! - Day 3 (Fremantle)

Day 3 began pretty early. Hit the street around 715am to go to the Avis office right in the heart of Perth CBD (Hill Street) to return the car. We need to return the car before 730am else u need to pay the extra hourly charges. Prior returning we fueled up the tank to the fullest at the nearby Caltex (rate AUD1.48-1.49/ltr). You may opt not to fill up the tank but pls be prepared to pay a higher fuel rate that will be charge by Avis (around AUD2.4/ltr). When Avis showed to us the final bill, it came to our surprise that the total is lesser than the original quotes given to us when we booked the car online from Malaysia...syukur rezeki lagik! Total rental charges for 2 days Kia Carnival + 2 child seats + 1 GPS is AUD288.79. There was discount given for 'on the road expenses' which i don't bother to ask at all...org kasik murah terima jelah kan hehe

This is where we stayed during our trip - Mountway Holiday Apartment. Look-wise so-so jelah takde la cun cam 4 or 5-star hotel...tp facilities all ok and overall we kinda satisfied with our stay. It's a self-service apartment yer.

After settle returning the car, we hit onto the Wellington Street to go to Perth Train Station. Seriously it was a very long walk for all of us. Agak bergegar jugakla lutut-lutut kami semua haha! We passed thru the Royal Perth Hospital, George Street, Myers, and many more buildings before we finally arrived at the train station.

tgh semput nih...stop kejap amik nafas sambil posing hehe. Lucky it was still early in the morning with cold breezy wind outside...so takdela penat macam nak pengsan jln jauh :p Rasanya kalo time summer harus tercungap gak nih!

Finally! This is Perth Train Station. 

We bought an unlimited family rider ticket (2 adults + 2 child) for AUD9.30. It's an unlimited rides for all Transperth service (bus/train/ferry) for a day. Take the Fremantle line to go to Fremantle ok. Anyway the E-Shed Market in Fremantle only operates from Friday-Sunday 9am-5pm. So be wise when you plan for ur itinerary yer. The train journey from Perth CBD - Fremantle took us about 1/2hr only. Alternatively u may opt to board the cruise to Fremantle from the Barrack St Jetty, cost is AUD34/pax.

In Fremantle, there's a free CAT bus operating in town, ada red line and blue line. Pick your own route and make sure you take the correct bus to go to ur favourite destination. We took the red CAT to go to a museum, tapi cari punye cari tak jumpela pulak! One of the passerby said the museum is closed, waahhhh penat betul berjln ari tuh nk carik museum!

Plan B, since museum tutup we decided to go to South Terrace. South Terrace is known as the Cappuccino Strip because of its profusion of coffee shops. Here we popped in into Chocolateria San Churro to have the famous chocolate dipped churros yg digembar-gemburkan itu!!
here we go the menu. Pening nk pilih mane satu.

haaaa cantik tertarik kannnsssss? memang serious sedap la churros nih..especially its chocolate dip. Mmg very chocolaty and milky.

We picked the churros combo (3 sticks of churros + 1 hot chocolate) at AUD11.95 tak silap. You can choose to have the churros be sprinkled with powdered sugar or cinnamon. Makan panas2 mmg lazat.

dah lupa apa nama kek nih. one slice going at AUD8.95. 

lemon creme brulee. Very strong tangy lemon taste...i cannot go in too much but my mom likes it!

budak comot wallop churros! actually dia bz jilat cekelat jer...sabor jela

The entrance. So pesanan penaja, if u go to Fremantle dun forget to have its San Churros yer!! I also notice there's one same churro shop right at Perth CBD but couldnt remember its exact location..sila google.

Lepas kenyang giler pekena churros we moved on to our next destination i.e. E-Shed Market. It's a market that sells all kind of local products and souvenirs. Nak beli souvenir murah sila ke E-Shed Market...their price are much cheaper than Fremantle Market or Perth CBD.

Before arriving at E-Shed, we passed thru the Fremantle Post Office....

and a park where the kids were forced to give a 'baring-baring' shot like this! cumelsss hehe

Fremantle Train Station

the red CAT (which the color is more to orange actually hihi)

This is E-Shed Market, located just next to the train station. We spent about 2hrs+ to shop for souvenir. Look for AUSSIN gifts & souvenir shops (the owner is Indonesian) where according to forumer its price is cheaper than any other souvenir shops inside E-Shed. We bought t-shirt, fridge magnet, keychain, koala, caps, kitchen apron set, lanyard, etc. Oh anyway we figure that there's one shop in Perth CBD (area Murray/Hay St) that sells cheap souvenir as well...tp dah lupa nama kedai dia hehe ya ampun!

kat Perth ni byk betul patung2 di tepi jalan...tak sure la sape nama mamat nih.

if i can recalled correctly this is the Round House...or maybe Custom House. Pelupa sungguh daku!

Outside Shipwreck Gallery where the kids were having fun posing at those big anchors

another shot by Firas

cumel betul mereka berdua ni. Among the youngest clan that joined the trip :)

Cicerello's Fish n Chips. Some says they prefer Kailis, the locals prefer Cicerello more...but i doubt there is much difference in between these two co. After all they're serving fish anyway haha

the Wheel right next to the Cicerello's

inilah fish n chips yg Farra ckp tak sedap tuh. well depends on tekak memasing. my mom and SIL love it. me rasa biasa jer simply because i prefer rice over fish n chips hehe. it tastes good if u eat them with sauce and mayoinaise. those are add-ons yer...so if u dont want to pay extra pls ensure u bring chilli/tomato sauce siap2 hehe

Fremantle harbour

Right after having our late lunch we headed straight to the Fremantle train station to perform our solat. We prayed in the parents room outside the ladies toilet...sgt selesa dan luas alhamdulillah. Took the train back to Perth CBD and by the time we reached Perth it was dark already.

We decided to take the Blue CAT, hop off at stop no 20 (Mounts Bay Road) and walked back to the apartment. End of Day 3.

this is Ispa Kebab...at Perth CBD.


sikulat said...

heyyy.. salah la.. part balik tu kan jalan kaki masuk Myer.. mane ntah kelok kiri kanan celah bangunan dan akhirnya sampai apartment..

naik blue cat pada hari balik dari HT (on sunday)


y@tipruzz said...

ohh ok betul3x. Kira jln kaki all the way dari perth train station ke mountway kan. hehe memori kite kan agak kureng sket...pelupa sungguh :p

sikulat said...

hahaa.. itula.. tapi dalam gambar ada gambar ispa kebab yg ditemui masa tgh jalan.. lalalala..

Smiley said...

ye aa..kan korang jln blk ke mountway dr perth underground station hehe

Smiley said...

bukan x sedap..biasa jer..x layan pon takpa mkn je kat mesia eheh

y@tipruzz said...

Hehe igt x aku tanyer ko...farra betul ke ko nk mkn fish chips? Ko jwb....yerrrrr wajib!!!

Smiley said...

dah sume blogger kata harus tryy..so gigib menapak cr cecerello

sikulat said...

it's the journey that matter... hihihi

CT said...

terbaekkk...tapi bila baca bab kene jalan kaki tu..huhuhuh perlu diconsiderkan kalo pergi sbb anak2 kite malas nak jalan kaki....huhuhuh
xtau la kalo dah sampai jadi rajin plak

y@tipruzz said...

K.ct - cer letak sorang dlm stroller, sorang lg jln. cuaca sejuk so x penat sgt berjln tuh. tp rasanye kalo pi obersea ni mmg kena byk jln laa...gc, hk, china dulu pon sy byk jln...takmo jln kena naik cab or bus la which kita tak dpt chance nk appreciate the surroundings :p

sikulat said...

yerp.. cuaca helps a lot.. sila berjalan only in winter la yek (errr.. early winter kot) sejuk sejuk gitu.. tapi masih boleh tahan body malaysia nih.. hahahhaa..

Orang pun tak ramai.. so janganlah anda bayangkan seperti berjalan di jalan TAR dan sebagainya.. bayang anda berjalan jalan di Fraser hill.. tapi lebih sejuk sikit lagi.. hehehehe

y@tipruzz said...

The best time kalo nk pi obersea are always spring/autumn. Angin sejuk yet still sunny...takde hujan unlike winter. Certain countries like china or korea winter smpi negative celcius...giler sejuk ke tulang hitam. Kalo kite sure dh migrain sbb sejuk xtreme ai kenot stand hukhuk

sayahanan said...

Salam. Saya nak tanya skit. Masa puan sewa kereta kia carnival di avis perth, perlukan translated license or international license. Dan lesen msia kelas "D" boleh drive kia carnival di perth ke? Terima kasih in advance.