30 March 2013

Gold Coast Morib Resort..con't

Day 2 --continue
View from our hotel room..the water park. Don't ask why i didn't bother to try out that long winding blue slides at least once :p

Ohh well at least i had the courage to ride the yellow one! hihi. Notice the flat pyramid-shape flat slides on the right hand-side of this pic? i just love the adrenalin rush while getting down off the slides..mula2 macam gerun tapi lelama syiok bangat la plak! Ammar had his first try with my hub but i guess he was sooo fobia that he refused to try again afterwards...takpelah janji merasa sekali :)

This is where we had our buffet breakfast. The cafeteria was actually located next to the beach. Food again was so-so. We paid RM18 for Idlan while the other two were FOC..lega :)

We had a sight on this creature at the beach! Ayah belangkas dan anak dia :)

dah mati beranilah pegang...kalau tidak jgn harap hoho

the floating restaurant by the beach
jom lukis!

nice try by Firas :)

misi mencari ikan

the boys

pasir dekat pantai ni actually agak halus..mmg sedap dipijak. Air tgh surut pagi nih...

ok bukan abah sorang je yg try...mama pon berjaya memberanikan diri try slide yg agak sharp nih..even though bukan 90 degree tapi sudah cukup membuatkan dada berdebar-debar hehe

pool time!

We let the kids enjoyed their pool time until 11.20am, then rushed back to the hotel to pack our things and check out from the hotel at 12noon. Headed off to the Morib beach to hv our lunch (food was so-so..again!) and straight away went back to our home sweet home.

@ the Morib beach

Overall, it was a nice experience staying at this resort. The only not-so-good-thing is that the buffet spread was disappointing. The rest is all ok - water park best, they are not strict about bringing in ur own food, hotel room sgt best n is offered at a very affordable rate..and surprisingly we didn't encounter that unpleasant sticky smell as what been informed by few other visitors before.


Zuraimah Ismail said...

agak sukar mencari mknn yg menepati citarasakan kat area sini..maybe another 2/3 years baru ada kut...ni baru nak berkembang...

however, this resort is really suitable for a short trip holiday kan....sekejap tapi anak2 happy..itu yg penting...kan kan

y@tipruzz said...

Betul food x byk choice huhu
Tp bilik sgt cun...i mean with that price who wouldnt resist kan hehe
So tis yr ke mana kak?? Aa kuar promo tuh :p

Zuraimah Ismail said...

cuti2 Malaysia (Semenanjung) je....

Smiley said...

aku pon main slide tuh..best! tak le sharp sgt