14 March 2013

The pecan attacks :)

Pecan pecan pecan! I just love working on the pecans..toast it, and later u chop it :) The butterscotch sauce? ahh this one lagilah super sedap. I cheated few times while making the sauce...sempat cilok sesudu dua hehe..mkn dgn roti bakar sure sedap giler nih!

This is the 1.5kg pecan butterscotch cake from a srikandi to a srikandi :) The review was good alhamdulillah...thanks kak tini!

for the '926 batch gathering. 

more close up on the pecan yumsss
a smaller version of the pecan cake...for kak elin. tq kak!!

a 3kg rv cake for Consumer Division's office pot luck ordered by Aida. Aida said this time the cake was a bit sweet as compared to before...sori beb, i just couldnt figure out what went wrong this time..maybe silap pandang time timbang gula tu kots huhu.Anyway tq beb for the repeat order!

some close ups

This is a super large 3 layers Pecan Butterscotch cake made special for mak ude yg datang ke kl utk shopping raya ngeh ngeh

first time buat kek setinggi ini..memang kenyang mkn...a slice is really enough at one go :p 1/4 kasik umi, 1/4 kasik SIL, 1/4 mak ude tapau bawak blk kampung...alhamdulillah semua sempat merasa :)

Hepi sweet 30 mak ude!!

playing with the Photo Grid app...mmg cool and user friendly habis :)


mak ude said...

haikal suke gile..
the quarter yg mak ude bwk blk tuh, he ate half of it.

y@tipruzz said...

Hehe nnt mak lang wat kt sana plak ok!

empress_azalea said...