29 March 2013

A short family getaway in Gold Coast Morib Resort

Things that we loved most about the GCMR...is of course its hotel room! The room was spacious, clean, nicely decorated, and most importantly, it comes with a big jacuzzi that fits all our 3 growing kids hoho! We made a booking via the hotel website. A 2D1N stay only costs us RM168 (promo) that comes with 2 adult coupons for buffet breakfast + 2 water park tickets. Upon check in, we were given another 2 coupons for buffet dinner...haha rezeki rezeki :) Wifi is available at the hotel lobby (unfortunately no wifi in the hotel room, sangat sangap rasa!).
 We arrived around 11am, and since the room is still not ready we decided to straight away jump into the pool! Ohh before that we had our early home-cooked lunch inside the car...mommy's delicious nasi goreng kampung + ayamas drummet...syukur alhamdulillah :) There are lockers available for rent at RM15 (RM10 is deposit) in case you wanna leave some of your personal belongings. Water park opens at 8am. We bought another 2 tickets for our kids (RM20 each) while Ammar is FOC. Foods are allowed inside the water park, there are few small shops selling junks and water park equipments, also an art n crafts shop along the water park entrance.
Now let's have a peek on the hotel room!

The jacuzzi...view from the hall

spacious enough to fit 3 small kids of ours :)

the shower
Queen bed
the room is very spacious!
Kids' 1st jacuzzi experience hihi
@ Buffet dinner. We paid Rm25 for Idlan..while firas and ammar is free. The buffet spread is so-so...tak sedap sgt pun and not worth your money if you're going to pay for more than 1 person. If you don't get the free buffet dinner, my advise is for you to go and look out for that scrumptious ikan bakar dinner along the Morib beach!

Inside the cafetaria. Orang sgt ramai..but at this hour orang dah mula surut :p

the hotel lobby

Pen off for now and we'll continue on nx entry ya...till then~

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