16 March 2013

Baking for fun!

Our kids normally will become my loyal companion whenever i go to kitchen and do my baking jobs. One will sit in a high chair, the other two will pull their green & blue Ikea stool chairs and line up next to me throughout the activity. At times i feel a bit distracted, especially when i need to work against time constraint. But on certain occasion i do enjoy their presence, coz that means we got to spend some quality time together doing the baking, talking and sharing things...all at once. Of course the lil ones always cheated and asked for some choc chips, choc rice balls or even my red color fondant, staying next to me and kept begging until the mommy gives up :p

Today we spent the whole day inside the house for Hub was not around attending his phd training. So i promised to the kids that we gonna do our first baking job together after mommy is done with cooking for the lunch. The kids were super duper excited, i can see their big smiles (that comes with big hope as well!). While i did my cooking, i asked the eldest brother to jot down the simple muffin recipe that i've downloaded into the Ipad...somewhere longggggggg time ago. There are 3 videos exactly, featuring choc chips, blueberry and raspberry muffin. The videos that my kids had been watching over n over again...including Ammar! hehe

play-pause-play-pause. I told Idlan...listen and write down the ingredients, also the measurement! But he failed to get on the right measurement...kurang arif with the baking terms i suppose :p

the last final steps! Before that i had them playing with the spatula, mixing over the ingredients, tuang tepung, tuang sugar, milk, oil, etc. Paling kecoh time tuang choc chips..sumer berebut!

tangan si gemuk yg super excited bila dpt letak choc chips dlm batter tu :p There were few cups that contains loads of choc chips, while some did not even contain any!
Tadaaaaaaa! The aftermath, which turns out to be very good. Hub ckp...lamanya awk tak bake muffin...:p
Altered the recipe a bit by reducing the sugar and add blueberry fillings into the batter...nyumsssssss :) I've promised the kids that we gonna bake this again and bring to our GC Sepang trip somewhere end of the month..boleh mkn dekat hotel :)
And here is what we had for lunch today. Masak lemak cili api versi kurang pedas..udang for Idlan, ayam for adik2 dia :) Masak lemak is one of their favourite especially si sulung...dia slalu ckp kalau boleh nak makan lauk ni tiap2 hari :p Senang keje mama sbb masak lemak ni sgt sempoi..cepat plak tuh, mmg mama pon tak kisah kalo nak masak ni everyday hihi tapi jgn nak mengarut la yer...tiap2 hari mkn santan apa kes...kolesterol naik nanti haaa baru la kalut!

Anyway alhamdulillah, life has been going on quite easy these days. Work wise takdelah stress macam last month. Night time i got the chance to accompany Idlan to do his revision for Kafa's exam next week. Hub came in to rescue when it comes to Bahasa Arab, Imlak and Tajwid...i am no expert in those subjects, jadinya alhamdulillah sgt2 bila si abah ade utk turut membantu :) Firas is now entering his 8th book of the Anakku series, while Qiraati still at book 3. Ammar the bubbly boy talks a lot these days, he picks up loads of vocabs n words of course from his brothers. Cerita upin ipin dan boboiboy tu mmg boleh hafal dah lah :)

As for myself, i've done quite a number of orders during the weekdays. This yr alone I've baked more than 40 cakes as to date, that's quite an achievement as compared to years before. Baking is really tiring, especially when you're doing it on part time basis. But the joy and satisfaction that you receive when people are happy with their cakes, that's priceless seriously. That's what keeps me going though..bila org suka, tukang buat of course la lagi suka dan gembira betul tak :) Thanks for ur continuous trust my dear friends n customers!

enough the rambling...masa utk tidur! hehe

Have a lovely weekend peeps!

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