17 March 2013

Celebrate cakes for ur anniversary, birthday, aqiqah..or anything :)

This was an ad-hoc order from a colleague, ordered special for her 4th wedding anniversary. I will normally say yes to ad-hoc orders like rv or brownies, provided all the ingredients are sufficient in the kitchen. For complex cakes like pecan butterscotch, that will be a big no no for urgent orders :p

She wanted me to put some toys on the cuppies, to attract her lil ones of course. Told her i only have angry birds in stock...so layan la angry bird pon jadikla!

The blue angry bird..couldnt recall its name though.

Happy 4th Anniversary Su! May u hv a blessed marriage till eternity, dan bahagia selalu amin..:) The very next day she texted me giving such a positive review on the cakes...those sweet words really made my day dik tqs! Slm kak yati, thanks a lot 4 d wonderful red velvet cup cakes! Very nice n delicious, x manis and balance dgn cream cheese akak yg sememangnya sedap tuh..hani dh mkn byk2, of course dia mkn dulu love icing tu n kutip angry bird. Mkn pun cream cheese akak je pastu ngelat kek ibu dia habiskn...
uhh pjg betul review adik manis nih...terharu kakak awak ni taww kembang semangkuk hihi :p

This is dark choc brownies, customized according to the birthday boy's preference. Milk choc ganache n M&Ms to be specific :) I had a tough time to hide this cake from my kids...surely wont get away easily if they ever had a sight on those colorful M&Ms haha

The owner and majority of the whole house was now put under quarantine..sakit mata isk isk. Get well soon kak Nor & family! and tqs for ur continuous support :)

These are walnut dark choc brownies...one to be given for an engagement ceremony, another one to be shared with friends during usrah gathering. Tqvm Aliza n Hany for ur continuous support...do come again :)

Ehemmm here we go another pecan butterscotch in the house!

yang meruntun jiwa seorang mama yg baru 7 hari dlm pantang hihi. She asked whether there's any traces of caffeine, mocha, coffee or alike? when i said no...terus dia konfem order utk majlis aqiqah baby Adam. Jenuh nak sampai rumah Hani..boleh tahan sesat jugakla. The last time i was here maybe 11 yrs ago? masa kenduri kawin hani!

Review dari owner dan tetamu2 yg datang hari tu sgt positive....sedap menjilat jari hehe. Thanks Hani for the order and invitation..alhamdulillah it was like a mini gathering with few comrades of ex-mmu on that day. Congrats on the arrival of baby Adam...yg ke-5 ok! ade bran nak catch up Hani? haha...Moga kita ketemu lagi insya Allah!

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