27 May 2012

Dinasours Live @ Pusat Sains Negara

2nd trip to PSN. This time because they hv dinos' exhibition in place. So we thought the kids must've had fun watching the dinos..live right in front of them!

Arrived there around 1030am, big crowd

already that we had to park outside n walked crossing d roofed bridge. Tix price RM15 adult, RM12 kids above 6y & RM6 for kids 3-6y. However there's a family package that costs u less..RM42 for 2 adults n 2 kids...value buy huh.

Did the kids hv fun? Well idlan enjoyed himself to the fullest n even asked to tour d hall for 2nd round. Firas was scared n opt to be seated inside d stroller all way long. He didnt even want to go any near to the dinos...what more to touch their bodies n all. While ammar...hahh tis boy scared to his death that i need to carry him all throughout! Nangis keluar air mata okehhh hihi

There's a butterfly farm outside the exhibition hall...also small pond housing the orange  carps.

So overall...this place considered ok if u want to spend some quality time with family. But be sure to arrive early as the parking was full n loads of cars lined up in double lane after 2pm.

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aliss said...

kak yati..
ini ynag baru eh.. cam menarik gak.. boleh panjat2. Dulu maryam pergi.. boleh tengok je.. pegang pun tak boleh..

yatiscloset said...

jgn maryam nangis sudah :p