06 August 2014

Raya ke-3 di Bukit Merah Laketown

It was quite an impromptu decision for us to have a short family gathering during our Raya holidays. Hubby discussed with his siblings (I think a week before Raya) and finally reached a consensus, yes it was going to be a one-night stay at Suria Service Apartment, Bukit Merah Laketown. Hubby went thru all the booking process this time (which is so unlike him since almost 90% of our family holidays normally were done by meself hehe).  He booked 4 units of 1-bedroom apartment thru Agoda at RM190 per unit incl breakfast. 

So on the 3rd day of Raya off we went to Bukit Merah. Journey is less than 1hr from mil’s house. We had our home-cooked lunch at one of the pergola nearby the pool. Menu is udang gemuk2 masak sos, ayam goreng kicap & sardine. Dessert ada kek suji, lemon cake, rv cake n mocha cake. Dasat woo sumer food habis..mmg sedap msk sendiri even though sempoi jer! Lepas kenyang apa lagi, kids terus terjun pool since tak boleh check in lagi. Mandi dari pukul 1pm+..until 3pm. We had a bad experience during checking in. They are supposed to let us in by 3pm, but our rooms were still not ready and been informed the earliest we can check in will be at 3.30pm! Teruk sangat rasa..sian mak ayah and bebudak dah kepenatan. Front counter mmg agak havoc sket sbb ramai guest mmg tak happy dgn situation tuh. I guess orang lambat check out kot…hence housekeeping tak sempat nak clean up the room by 3pm. 

Finally by 4pm semua berjaya check in. Hish geram yg amat ok. Lepas check in semua terbongkang kepenatan. Mlm pegi tgk fire show dekat Laketown resort…kasi kids main games kejap..then terus balik. The next morning kasi can kids mandi lagi pool sampai 11am…then pukul 12 barula check out n pulang semula ke kampung halaman and sambung beraya lagi hehe


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