16 May 2009

carbonara anyone?

Macam tak caye jer, we managed to stay at home throughout the day yey!
Tu pun come evening, i started to feel itchy and suggested hubby to go out to catch something for dinner, but thanx hubby for stopping me since we still have the leftover pasta cooked in the afternoon.

As promised to k.nani, here goes the carbonara sauce recipe for you to try it out. Insya Allah sedap muehehehe. This time i use small shells for the pasta...the taste is good when blends together with the sauce :))

Pasta Carbonara

button mushroom
whipped cream (sekotak kecik tu jer)
cheddar cheese (i use Australia natural cheddar)

The action:
1. Sautee garlic and onion with butter.
2. Add chicken, then put little bit of water.
3. Add mushroom. Then add the whipped cream (make sure you're on slow heat).
4. Add flour to thicken the sauce. Put more water.
5. Add salt, oregano, and last but not least cheddar cheese to give it the cheesy & creamy taste.

* The flour is used to thicken the sauce (same rules apply when u want to make mushroom soup). Today i use superfine flour since i'm running out of wheat flour...kira mahal sket la nih carbonara ku kali nih :p

Makes about 7-8 servings. Sangat puas dpt mkn byk kali hehehe. And this is one of idlan's all-time favourite (he ate 3 plates ok!). I used to cook this for him since he was 1yr+++.

and ohh earlier today i made pancakes (topped with chocolate sauce, blueberry and whipped cream) for brunch. Sangat menyelerakan specially with the fresh cream in place....tp x sempat nak snap pics lenkali ok :)


Farra said...

nyum nyum...next time nak try la ..esok takleh sbb dah ada menu pagi mee grg..then cheese tart

ShaFiAti said...

yati...if su nak replace benda2 tu ngan yg low fat/non fat ok ker? sedap tak?

and ade ke sume benda2 tu dlm low fat/non fat?

if ada, then baru leh try...heheh

atulhani said...

wah sedapnya, lama tak masak carbonara. Kak su, sekarang ni tengah diet ke?

y@tipruzz said...

whipped cream tak sure ade low fat tak. Tapikan, pasta and cheese itself mmg dah high carbo/fat...so no point la sue :p

tp kan, msk utk kekanak tu bagus...sbb highly nutritious hehe

CT said...

humayraa pun suka banget makan cabonara n other italiannied meal...:)

bley la lepas ni try resipi awak ni plak...