08 May 2009

Buat seorang ibu....

The parcel has safely arrived at my mom's house this evening. She called me just now, sounds sad+terharu (i initially thought something not good is happening) and i can sense she was talking with teary eyes.

I'm glad she's happy with the gift. I'm the only daughter in the family, and she said i'm the only one yg always give her something (well i know my bro is not the type yg show his love by giving gifts). I just told her, sekali sekala surprise bukannyer every month...lagipon sementara hayat masih ada.

Happy Mother's Day Umi!
I can never thank you enough for being the best-est mom in this world.
For all the loves you showered to us, for all the sacrifices made in bringing us up,
and for made us a person we are today. Your love is incomparable to anything, and there's no best word or act can describe how much you're meant to me.
Semoga Umi sentiasa dilindungiNya selalu, semoga rahmat sentiasa berpihak kepadamu. Dan hanya Allah jua yang dpt membalas segala jasa dan pergorbananmu selama ini.
I luv you always, now and forever.

Kepada Mak, dan ibu2 dan mommy2 lain di luar sana, Happy Mother's Day to us. May we become the best-est mother to our kids and family. We may not be super great in everything, but we can always become supermom in our very own way :)

Have a good weekend ahead peeps!


tini said...

Happy Mother's day to you too :) Baru ingat nak tempah kek, alih2 tgk announcement kata tempahan ditutup :( ehehhe

y@tipruzz said...

hepi to u too!

hehe sori la tak cukup kaki tgn nak amik order bebyk. But am hepi to know tht lots of my frens out there excited nak celebrate with their moms :)

ShaFiAti said...

selamat hari ibu to u too..:)

ummuizz said...

salam ...
happy mother's too. suka baca blog ni :)