11 May 2009

mother's day

On the mother's day, as planned and agreed we convened at my house in the afternoon. Umi told me not to prepare anything since my brother got lots of free KFC snack plate coupons, just redeem and have them take aways for our tea-time. Nonetheless i cooked the easiest dish, my all-time favourite spaghetti bolognese. Umi brought nasi goreng cina, some pulut+sweet coconut and sira keledek. So at the end, we're stuffed to the max with all the foods hehe. We also had vanilla buttercake+blueberry as the dessert :)

And oh, the men of the house got me these as the mother's day gift :) The two of them went out to send kak tie's cuppies and dropped by at jusco just to buy this. And tak sempat nak surprise idlan already spilled the secret by shouting from outside"mama mama ade hadiah!"
Anyway thank u yer sayang!!

Tiring yet it was one lovely evening spent with the whole family...alhamdulillah.


ShaFiAti said...

yati..ade award...sila amik yer..:)

CT said...

waaaa seronoknye...on mom's day we spent d day main kites...ehehehe