19 May 2009

being a beginner

Believe it or not, when the men of the house all sound asleep in lalaland, i spent close to 3hr doing speed reading (or i'd say 'marathon') on the forum about stock market. And now at 2351 i already have a list of the so-called 'popular' and mostly hand-picked stocks, from various sectors, together with their price movement from the lowest to the highest.

First step done, that is to register online under my existing account - Jupiter Securities. And oh i'm so glad to learn that its online brokering fees are among the lowest...gud gud!

Second step, waiting for their activation code before i can proceed to login and get familiar with the online environment.

Third step, still pending, and the most important of all, is to go to TH and withdraw some money to be deposited into the trust account.

yepp am so excited! Can't wait to start trading online :)))


Farra said...

excited youuuu ;)

ShaFiAti said...

ajar i leh?..hehe
i'm interested too...but maleh nak blajar sendiri..huhu

y@tipruzz said...

saye budak baru blajar gaks :p
yati masuk forum bicarajutawan.com n baca all the tips given by the pros. Diff person diff approach n style nyer...also depends on your risk level. Taleh malas, sbb byk giler benda kena blajar n baca. All the technical analysis, jargons, ....masuk forum tu mmg nganga sketla tapi takper...go slow ok.