18 November 2005


Umi called up early in the morning merely to tell me she's going to Padang & Bkt Tinggi this coming 22 dec...together with adik. I was like haaa...why the sudden change of plan? Last week she told me she's going to KK, and today she said KK was cancelled, now indon plak. Why bringing adik? because starting from 2nd dec onwards he'll be enjoying his honeymoon time after striving and battling for the spm papers.

Asked me whether i'd want to go..deep down inside definitely i'd loooove to follow, but thinking back about the budget and all that..plus the fact i'm no more single and alone all by myself..have to make passport for B and idlan somemore..budget for shopping somemore...pastuh already agreed with mak kat kedah that we're going to share 2 portions of cow for idlan's aqiqah on next aidiladha...then i was thinking to make join 1st birthday celebration with my bro for idlan and his cousin on 10th dec, pastuh 13th dec is our 2nd anniversary (this time we must celebrate because last year i was in my 3rd day confinement period huhu)...ehh why soooo many events have to happen in december?? does anyone heard any news of bonus whatsoever in dec? hehehe mimpi di siang hari la yati!

and before she hung up, she said she's going to puduraya to get return bus tickets to langkawi on 15th dec...and i was like screaming on the phone asking apsal nak pegi langkawi plak niiiii? and the answer...adik ajak pegi langkawi beli digicam, nanti tak best pegi Padang takder kamera.

i sighed...the sense of jealousy striked all over the nerves..hampeh betul adik!

then sempat lagi tanye utk menyedapkan hati sendiri, kalau dik nur tak kawin lagi umi bwk tak? my mother answered...of course la umi bwk..ni dah ade 3 org tak larat umi nak sponsor!

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