23 November 2005

He rushed to the dinning chair, placing one hand on top of it, the other hand firmly rested on the floor. He paused for a few minutes, thinking and trying how to get up. First attempt, tried to let go his left hand off the floor, tak berjaye..second attempt, tak berjaye gaks. Obviously he had a very hard time to take his hold body up...we were like ishhh rasa cam nak tolong jer but then we just let him continue trying and trying. And when he succeed, we clapped both hands and gave our very sweet cheering song, soooo loud so as to let him know he made it. And he, smiled sheepishly sambil goyang and henjut2 punggung cam berjoget ( dan sambil tepuk2 tangan atas kerusi tu dgn kuatnyer --> x sakit ke sayang?)....so sweet!!!

:: On my personal note, last nite was the fifth time he stumbled to the floor within a week, on his attempt to get up on his own...cam biasa nangis kuat giler.

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