16 December 2005

1,500,000 FREE seats left

guys, in case anyone of you have missed this adverts, air asia is now celebrating their 4th besday by offering 2 mil FREE SEATS! and today when i opened the site, the number of seats avail is only 1.5mil. so get hurry ok, dont miss the opportunity. oh but one thing, you still have to pay for the airport tax.

you can fly anywhere, be it domestic or any asean coutries.

:: apart from booking the tix, dont forget to reserve your next yr leave!


kaezrin said...

Ytai..passport buleh masuk kat mak ayah nyer passport but tak sure baper harga kalau chip in cam gitu..

efi nyer i buat seperate punye cost us RM150..for 32 pages...5 yrs

yatipruzz said...

o0o0 ok tq kak!