07 December 2005

jalan-jalan habis duits

Maybe I shall declare yesterday as our ‘pokai’ day.

We went to IOI Mall, the bowling alley was our first target. We played 4 games straight till our legs and hands got shaking all over. But surely u don’t wanna miss the offer of RM2/game right? And yes I shall also consider yesterday as my lucky day. I did well in most of the games yeyy!

Right afterwards we had our lunch at Pizza. And honestly the newly lauched cuisine ‘greek mousaca’ (betul ke spelling ni?) doesn’t taste good. My advise for those who doesn’t eat eggplant (in bm they call it terung ok J), just forget to try it else u’ll regret for the money spent. It looks like lasagna with alfredo and Bolognese sauce on it, plus mozzarella cheese on top, but the fillings inside totally disappointed me….ade ayam2 hancur yg almost tak berasa ayam and lots of eggplants (I REALLY MEANT A LOT OK!) So just imagine u eating terung covered with spaghetti sauce and cheese, sedap tak hehehe..and the terung cut is quite big ok.

Then we moved on for our next plan at the next place, that is MINES! At last, after about 2-3 hrs of surveying and bargaining, I got for myself the nokia 7610 (org panggil nokia daun) and B took sony ericsson K700i. And it saddened me for the fact that I had to let go the one and only, my dark blue 3310, the one that gave its service up to the max level ever since I bought it on feb 2003. trade in for just RM50, huhuhu sedey kan? Initially the shop was willing to take it at RM70, then they figured out the phone ringing tone was totally out, the buzzer was damaged and they had to replace for a new one…so last skali dptla RM50 jek. Hp B pon dpt RM50 jer but to me the bargain was quite good since his was already outdated hehehe dah tade dlm pasaran pon :p

Our night was spent reading the manual.

Happy ke tak ade phone baru? Emm ntahla biasa je kots :p tho the functions are wayyyy much advanced than my old one, still rasa kehilangan. Dah siap jerit2 report kat B apsal tade calculator ni padahal diri ni still terkulat-kulat nak carik menu tuh haha

countdown: lagi 3 hari besday si bujang yg sorang tuh!

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