01 December 2005

pontianak II

We went for pontianak harum sundal mlm II movie last tuesday (both of us took off ok, bukan curik tulang :p) at GSC, sunway pyramid. The story? hmm so-so la...along the way i kept on asking B ---> why like this, why like that, ni hantu ke sape, bla bla bla...so conclusion is it's kind of hard to understand the whole story though u've seen the first one. My advice, go and get some gist of the story so u wont be sitting inside the panggung, berkerut-kerut muka sambil berfikir apesal laa jadik camni. But credits go to maya karin, she acted very well as a banshee (B in fact asking me, kenape panggil banshee, bukan vampire? hehe)...background music also ok, sinematography tip top, overall i rated 6/10. Not bad for a malay movie la kan? and make sure u pay attention to the baby, she's soo adorable and innocent..and kesian dia sbb asyik kena culik dek pontianak tuh huhu

Before that we had our lunch at chicken hartz and we were like haaa dah RM16.90 per pax? hish hish mahalnyer...we used to pay only RM12++ during our univ time and the place was indeed good for large kroni's gathering+chit-chatting. Unlike those early days, this time we just couldnt eat as much as we used to. Situation was different i guess, takde kengkawan yg ramai sebagai pembakar semangat utk pump in the food hehe

OK time to sign off, a lot of hassles in the office right now...just because of the lauching of THAT new system! we're supposed to move forwards and be advance in everything we do rite? but things happened in an adverse direction ..we're now struggling to cope up with this new thingy and going backwards like the old days where manual data input takes place...apolaaaa!

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