31 October 2005

~cuti mode~

It's my last day in the office before i join the rest of my colleagues for a long hari raya holiday. There're 7 of us over here, still receiving calls and entertaining our customers' requests.
We had fun during the kroni's buka pose gathering over last saturday. Halim and his two siblings did a great job as a host. We managed to gather most of our kronis that day, together with the babies and toddlers. Thanks so much to the guys, whom were so bz doing the 'membakar' thingy till maghrib. We had loads and loads of food...but thanks again to idlan who restrain me for eating too much. The guys should thanked the ladies and mommies for because of us they had the capacity to finish out the foods.
I think we had a blast this yr...loads of foods at a very comfy house, spacious space for the toddlers and babies to move around, and what's most important majority of us did turned up that day....but ohhh i wished i could eat more foods! I only ate a few bites of ayam bakar and sandwiches, half plate of spaghetti, a piece of kek batik and a cup of already-melted ice cream huhu...

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