11 October 2005

menu Ramadhan...contd.

3 Ramadhan:
buka - mkn nasi ayam + tepung pelita

4 Ramadhan:
sahur - koko crunch+honey star+air masak
buka - ohh i can say this was the best buka pose time we ever had. Mkn umah mak? hummm definitely you can expect a wide range of menus awaiting ahead, specially made by our mother when her daugther, son, menantu2 and cucu-cucu were coming back. So that day we had kerabu togey, ayam masak tomato, sambal tumis udang, pajeri nenas, ikan cencaru goreng, kerang rebus...plus air kelapa, tebu and home-made sirap bandung cincau...plus kuih muih import from bazar ramadhan desa pandan, like tepung pelita, sardin roll, agar2, and more. Perut penuh??? ohhh sudah semestinya hehe...the best part is Idlan was ok and just played all by himself while we had our bukak pose, making it a lot more easier for me and hubby to enjoy our foods....sayanggggg Idlan!!!

5 Ramadhan:
sahur - mee goreng + sardin roll semlm punyer
buka - nasi lemak bungkus + ikan pari bakar

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