13 October 2005


Now that i notice i talked a lot about food during this Ramadhan. Haha serve as proof that i love to eat sooo much that i couldnt resist myself from thinking and talking about food :p So what do by and i had for yesterday's iftar? I helped myself with laksa penang and cendol (tawar dan tak sedappps), by had mee rebus and cendol. I settled in front of tv after terawikh with nestle vanilla drumstick and seketul karipap pusing....by already drifted away in sleep that time....i woke up at 5am for sahur and only to find that by already heated up yesterday's murtabak and roti john. So tunggu ape lagi....makan la! Hmm btw we bought all the foods at bazar ramadhan Putrajaya in Precinct 2. And the stalls there were like....huh so many stalls and all are sooo appealing that if not due to our budget constraint we might end up buying a lot more! hish nafsu nafsu...pergila jauh2 dari diriku.....

Oret stop talking about food...so how was our pengisian ramadhan so far? Do we perform our solat 5 waktu on time? Manage to perform terawikh at all nights? Have you start reading the Quran? When you have your food, were there any leftovers which leads to pembaziran? Ever thinking of donating some penny in your wallet to those in need? Have you try to reduce or avoid talking nonsense and mengumpat at work? Hmm if none of the above fit in your list, then we better be hurry or else we'll find how fast this yr ramadhan flies by and leave us..and He doest guarantee that we'll be experiencing the same ramadhan al-mubarak next year and the many years after......gud luck frens...and also to myself :)

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