13 October 2005

kroni's gathering

We had problems to decide the best venue suitable for all (isteri, suami, budak2 keciks, single mingle) for this year upcoming kroni's bukak puasa gathering. Among places in our list are Oasis Bangsar, Mejaaku at Maju Junction, Mc D, and last but not least rumah Halim :p I personally would really really love to try Oasis but since by, rahimi and zahan oppose to have it at Oasis, hmm looks like have to keep my mouth shut! Reason is simple yet sensible, they serve beer. So Oasis was out, tinggal 3 jer. I called Bora Ombak to survey on the price and menu, unfortunately they only provide malay/kampung cuisine. Most of us are heavy eaters and cost consciuos, definitely we're expecting something more than the-usual-cook malay dishes with the high money to be spent. Plus a place that can offer exra comfort specially for those about to bring their babies/kids. Halim proposed to just have it at his house while his parents and sister are away, with BBQ as the main dish. And i think that was great. Para suami will be sitting outside, doing the membakar things and all that, para isteri stay inside taking care of the little ones...hehehe and we dont have to rush for our maghrib prayer since many rooms are avail to cater all of us. In fact the guys can have their maghrib berjemaah some more! So what are we waiting and arguing at guys? let's just decide who brings what and what :P

p/s: aku cop spaghetti eh!

- to my dearest ex-coursemate & ex-housemate zarid, Heppy wonderful 25th Besday! May life be filled with happiness and blessing from Him till end of time...insya allah.
- and also to my ex-uni mate zueika, Heppy 25th Besday jugak! Moga bertemu jodoh cepat2 hihi...dan moga hidup ini terus dilimpahi rahmat & kurnia dariNya...ceria2 slalu!


aida said...

best eh korang... kroni redang nye gath yer? :)

ieka said...

yati..thanx for ur wish.. aminn amiin.. :)
p/s: tak tahan dtg sini sebenarnyer time pose sbb byk sgt makanan yg terbayang..ahahah