09 July 2005

no title~

I've finally bought myself some items of tupperware products from Aida! Here goes the list:

1. Tumbler - RM7.60
2. Water container - RM23.10
3. A set of square tupperware (3 pieces) - RM55.00

- all are subject to 10% discounts.

And this morning, woke up at 4.50am, and at 6.30am :
~ ikan bawal masak masam manis - done
~ sotong goreng masak kicap - done
~ sayur campur - done

note: cuma satu stove je digunakan, satu dah rosak..sbb tu lambat masak hehe

And i went to the office bringing along my tupperware containing lauk2 di atas dgn hati yg gumbira hehe..and of course the same content of another tupperware for my hubby!


araamy said...

aik... tak pas kat aku sket ke?? :P

yatipruzz said...

aik..ape kata rahimi yg try bgn pagi masak? syu kan baru abis pantang hehehe