16 July 2005

the 7 mth-old Idlan Farhan...

Idlan still hasnt fully recovered from his flu+bad cough since last Sunday...and i already took two ELs this week, Monday and yesterday. Doctor and his nursery caretaker said maybe because of the recent cold and rainy season.

Despite the routine of having to take three types of medicines one after another, Idlan looks soooo active as if he is not sick....and to add to my surprise yesterday, he almost got himself lying under our dining table from the 'toto', that was about 6 feets away from the table. I left him for just 2 minutes to wash my pan and clean the kitchen and i heard him yelling and babbling outside..and u see, he was already lied next to our dining chair, leaving the toto far behind him :p When i put him back to the center of the toto, a minute later again he'll be out of the toto boundary, happily menggulingkan dirinyer hehe

Last 2 week he got fever and at the same time berjaya meniarapkan diri. This week he got flu and cough, and now he can menggulingkan badan here and there, 360 degree. Hopefully he doesnt fall sick when he is up to have his teeth :) And last night i was fighting with him till 2am in the morning, just to make him doze off to sleep...*sigh*...am still not sure why his enery was like over recharged for one whole day!

Hopefully he'll be recovered today as tomorrow we were supposed to off to genting with umi and my brother.

p/s: gud luck to my hubby for his work completion seminar in melaka today, hopefully everything goes well as planned :P

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