15 February 2007

of making a decision

1] My lawyer fren and i will be having a big presentation right after the CNY. We'll be taking our prof's position and do the talking in front of class for 2 hours. The topic will be Communication and Decision Making. And as of today, we haven't start anything, our progress is zero, even the outlines or draft have not been finalized yet :p The points to be included are simple and easy, we can just look out for several books on the relevant topic and prepare our write-up and slides. The toughest part is on the presentation. Talking for 2 hours and grabbing the whole class's attention is not easy. To reach the target of 2 hours time is another BIG issue. To make sure they do not fall asleep is another challenge. Adoi diriku bukan seorang lecturer! Btw the carry marks is 30%, which is a lot man!

2] Idlan is still on high fever...his tonsil does not improve. Yesterday from 7am till 2.30pm he refused to take any food/water...after much forces i managed to get him drink 4oz of milk...tu saje. Sian dia, and sian mama too...sbb dia berkepit je ngan aku ke mana sahaja ku pergi! When night approches only he showed some intention to eat a bit and drink some water :(

3] The bos finally told me the 'thing'...only after i got the informal info from another bos. And now the dilemma comes into the picture. It's a coincidence since i'm presenting the decision making topic next week hehe...theoretical part is easy, apply this tool, use that technique, evaluate bla bla bla...when you've been placed in that position, then only u know the difficulty of making the best decision!


tini said...

what the deal? nak transfer ke yati :)

Anonymous said...

aku still sayang 1090 hehe


mardhiah12 said...

solat isthikarah la beb :)

farradasmiley said...

nak masuk dprt aku? dpt baru..jadi pengawas eheheh