26 February 2007

I'm halfway done with the current subject, another one month to go before i enter the second qtr journey of the mba program. Me and my partner received a well-done notes from the lecturer for our last presentation, talking to the whole class for nearly 3 hours seems too short actually. And we enjoyed every bits of it, including the apprentice video. I'm left with another 2 big assignments and now have started thinking about Langkawi already...blom abis klas pon lagik hehe

We planned to go to langkawi somewhere in end of march or early april, before the new class starts. I need to get some pinggan mangkuk and serving tray, in case tetamu comes i dont have to take out my old and ONLY melamine sets that we have at home (pity us isnt it?) I dont really consider buying things like that all this while, but now after living in our own house, dont think serving foods with melamine would be appropriate any more. But langkawi has more to offer other than that, am really looking forward to try the cable car, get idlan to see penguins at the underwater world, and bring home loads and loads of chocholates! aduss tak sabarnyer saya!

On the other notes, after 1 year and 3 months of waiting, my husband has finally been awarded with his master of philosophy. Thanks to the bureaucracy in the university, i guess my husband was among the unlucky ones for having to go through such dreadful journey along the way. Nevertheless alhamdulillah and syukrillah, our prayer was answered and finally the joyous moment becomes ours. tak sabar nak pegi konvo dia! Congrats b, jgn lupa blanjer pinggan mangkuk utk mama hehehehe. His convo will be somewhere in july or august, and my turn will be next year....the BIG thing is that i'll be wearing a different robe this time :p

And yes my PIL came to our house since Thursday and idlan seems to have forgotten my existence ever since then. He becomes so close with his tok and wan especially, nak wan suap, buli wan main itu ini, ikut lah wan ke mana sahaja. The good thing is mama dpt relaks habis! Tomorrow they're leaving and i hope the attached-to-mama-sindrome won't re-occur :p


mardhiah12 said...

congarts pruzz! lepas ni phd kat mana pulak?

Pruzz said...

Kat mana?? Tatau la lagi..masih keliruuuuuu

ummi said...

if you come to my house, chances are, you'll be served in melamine. lagi dahsyat kan. kami dah kawin 7 tahun tp takde proper dining set pun.

akak tgh eyeing corelle bliss. tgh tgu kot2 ada peluang ke langkawi nih.

tini said...

kalu beli loads and loads of coklat tuh, jgn luper kat aku eh. coklat cadbury...wohooo yummyyyy. aku nak pesan la belikan bleh? coklat cadbury 2-3 keping yang beso tuh ok lah. kalu tak bleh takpe. :)

yatipruzz said...

tini-no problemo. aku akan ifm ko kalo jadi hehe

k.tie- saya tak kisah akak kuarkan melamine akak...hehe kita serupa!!!