24 September 2007

the word 'FREEDOM'

I am now considered 'merdeka' for the next 2 weeks. Next class officially commence on 6th Oct, so i have super duper ample time to bake my raya biscuits, and enjoy my precious upcoming weekend, no book, no assignment whatsoever!

How was the exam? Well i was confident with my answers throughout the xm, but suddenly the world turned upside down when we discuss the answers, later after submission. It was like 'the person is guilty and i said not guilty". This is law, and obviously when we give judgement contradict to what the law says, it means we already made a huge mistake! aduhhhhs habisla diriku...and some more the Q itself accounts for 40% of all damnnn. Just to comfort myself, some of my friends also had the same opinion with me..harap lecturer kasik la markah kesian :p

After exam we had a small gathering cum pot luck at my mom's, i cooked tomyam and it was a bit tawar, my brother claimed it was not only tawar, but tak pedas, tak masam, tak umpph langsung..but ironically his plate was full with all the tomyam's isi dan sebagainyer...sabor jela!

Sunday came, right after subuh i prepared sardine curry puff and frozed it, think they can last for about 3-4 days. For berbuka we had mee hailam, curry puff and tepung pelita..my favourite! Idlan had a small ketumbit and we brought him to clinic that evening, and later drop off at bazar ramadhan bangi to get the tepung pelita. 1-2 minutes before azan,while both of us were bz at kitchen sorting out the plates and everything, we heard a loud thunder and the only thing i knew, idlan landed himself on the floor, him gum bleeds a bit and of course cried his lungs out. Tapi takdela teruk sgt pon i guess..more like nangis manja :)

And these are cheese tart for my officemate kak alimah...i've been owing these to her since the last 2 months kot hoho..dia kata rindu ngan cheese tart yati .....adus terharu plak daku :p, and since 'ethically' i was bind by the promise...here goes for u!


su said...

yati..nak order kek utk raye ni bleh tak?..ala...boleh la...sebijik jek utk su..hehe

nak kek yg mcm su order sblm ni..

nanti email ek..hehe

tini said...

silap la aku tak order sekali semalam selepas baca sms ko ehehhhe:) since dah free ni, aku nak gak la cheese tart ni bleh???? (nak choc bukan blueberry) :)

ummi said...

jelesnya tengok orang boleh masak macam-macam, makan macam-macam. can't wait for this sickness to be over. la ni, bau ikan goreng pun tak tahan..

ps - mee hailam tu nampak sungguh mengancam sekali huhu

yatipruzz said...

k.tie...dun wori..insya allah it's gonna be over soon..tahan sket lg okey!

(dh siap gambar pergola upload tau :)