18 September 2007

update update!

In response to k.nieta’s challenge, here goes the updates….:P

Since everybody is talking about their menu, I’ll be sharing mine as well.
Well like last year, I choose to cook during the holy month of ramadhan. The rest of the months, we usually opt to buy foods from outside. No need for justification, it’s just me and the penyakit “M”, to answer your question hehehe. Perhaps the spirit of Ramadhan and its ‘barakah’ that turns me slightly ‘rajin’ than before :p

First day, I cook nasi lemak for sahur. Woke up at 4am and managed to get everything ready earlier than expected. Well B has mentioned he wants something heavy during the earlier weeks, that’s why la nasi lemak menjadi pilihan. The first day was indeed challenging, I felt so sleepy like monsters and could hardly opened my eyes at office. The sleepiness even made me dizzy and later gave me migraine like hell huhu. Sampai loya2 dlm kereta on the way back (bukan preggie ok). But again thanks for the barakah in ramadhan, I still cook for berbuka..kari ikan bawal, sayur campur telur and chicken poppers….simple and enough to feast our stomach alhamdulillah.

Taking lesson from the 1st day, the second day I woke up a bit late, 440am hehe. Recycle the last’s night curry, goreng telur kicap and ikan gelama masin….ishh sedap sungguh pekena ikan masin! It was my 1st time in life I bought ikan masin and fry on my own, serius x tipu hehe dahsyat kan….
So menu seterusnye, ayam masak kicap, sausage sweet sour, kangkung goreng belacan dan cempedak goreng. The next day we had potluck at my mom’s and I cooked udang masak cili kering+serai & sup daging n fishball. I even prepared popia and freeze it, senang goreng je time berbuka….this time special thanx to B, he was the one who did all the folding :) Sunday came, B suggested to go to bazaar ramadhan and I declared a public holiday to Mr kitchen. And yesterday, again simple menu jer..ikan kerisi goreng, bilis goreng cili padi, sup sayur n nugget.

Well am not that very good in cooking but tak kira, nak share jugak tips of fast (1 hr cooked time) and simpe cooking….blend cili kering siap2, kupas segala jenis bawang siap2, perap ikan/ayam siap2 and letak kat fridge the lower part…(sumer orang dah tahu ni kot haha) And either am so organize or pathetic, I even prepared my menu list (so far sampai 10 hari je, sbb blank dah x tau nk masak ape :p). Kepala ni jugak dah fikir macam2 pasal dessert, but so far only popia and cempedak goreng yg materialize…the rest is still in white paper. I’ll be having my final this com Saturday, after that I have sufficient 2 weeks to prepare dessert yg best2 sket and biskut raya yeye!

Opps it’s already 4.24am. The two angels of mine still in deep slumber, and me from 12am burning the light pulun wat assignment :( I wonder if anyone else out there also doing what I’m doing right now….aini yuhuu ko tgh stay up jugak ker???? Jgn diriku menjadi zombie lagi hari ni sudah ler huhuhu..
Oh menu sahur kejap lagi..dried fried noddle! Off to kitchen peeps!

p/s: I’ll share my MIL’s udang masak cili kering+serai tuh next time ok..insya allah sedap, but no picas whatsoever…dlm kelam kabut mane sempat capai kamera daa.

amacam k.nieta...panjang tak hehehehe

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puterikiut said...

yati..sorry haritu takleh nak submit comment..hehe.. wahh bagus betul adik yg sorang ni.. rajin bebeno..siap prepare frozen popia.. nak resepi bleh.. panjang betul post dia kali ni.. nak qada la tu..hehe