13 August 2007

Hepi convo abah!

To Abah…

CONGRATS dear!!! Despite all the bitterness and impediment caused by the management, you’ve at last made it. We both are proud of you…hope this will provide a stepping-stone and encouragement for you to move further and higher. May Allah bless you, and gives high spirit and perseverance for you to hold till the end…amin.

Oh btw, mama dah abis xm...what a huge relief!!! :)))


tini said...

congrats to pruzz :) btw, aku suke susunan gambar dalam frame itu. menarik ni. frame beli kat mana? ikea eh?

yatipruzz said...

a'aa ikea hehe

aku tak gi pon ikea semlm...kepenatan

ko dah gi ke sales dia?

kak nieta said...

tahniah pruzz..lepas ni yati pulak ek..