31 July 2007

It’s already half of the journey and it gets tougher as time passed by. This time it’s Decision Analysis, and it drives all of us crazy…not understand what’ve been taught is 1st thing, stuck at dead end with the assignment Q is 2nd thing…and the ultimate will be next week, that is our final..my oh my. I can see my level of cuakness increases by then, yet I still have time...i hope…at least to grasp the concept pon jadiklah :p

The 1st assignment, my group mates and me stuck and couldn’t even reach the first level, and so do the rest. Hence 4 heads in one group combined into 20 heads with 4 groups, hoping the synergy would yield something…tapi gagal sumernyer haha. When we finally have the courage to raise our problem to Prof, cuba teka ape dia jawab?

“……oh I’m sorry it’s my mistakes for not teaching u guys on this…just leave it there halfway and proceed to the rest…”

Imagine how we felt upon hearing that…penat!

I just hope to get B…yes at least B! And after this I ONLY have another 7 papers to go…yeszaaaa :)

p/s: minggu depan umur bertambah setahun, pruzz plak ade konvo, examku baru abis.....wahh ade byk event dan alasan best utk beli indulgence seketul besar dan pergi release tension di ikea :p


tini said...

jom pegi ikea! :) aku pun nak mencuci mata cari barang2 umah di sana. nak cari katil alesha sekali. murah tak ah? huhuhuhu

yatipruzz said...

hehe skang tgh sales kan...murahla kot :p kalo x murah pon, cuci mata jadikla...

aku kepingin kek daim kat fudcot dia tuh...tersgtla lazatss!

mardhiah12 said...

isk isk, ape ni aim B? ko kan terror beb..ikea ada sale ek? nak beli brg untuk rumah, heheh

yatipruzz said...

at this point i'd rather be a bit pessimist :p

ade sales...lama gak, tak igt sampai bila