01 September 2015

Ergo baby Sports Carrier

Love it so much. But honest speak wearing him inside this carrier for more than an hour is enough to induce backache...not because the carrier is no good, but my lower back has been weak since years ago. Hence a buggy is still a must when we go out :)

I'll get him into the carrier when he is about to sleep. After few minutes of rocking or walking he'll normally doze off. I guess most babies just love being snugged tightly onto their mums' or dads' :)


asmasalleh said...

ke awak carry dia kebawah sangat ke ? ecewaahh.. sendiri takde pun SSC.. :P
diorang suggest boleh smpi kite cium kepala baby kan kalau carry.. baru position tu about right for mum/dad & baby... hehehehhe.. cer try..

yatiscloset said...

Kite letak bwh sket spy dia leh landing pala kt dada n pusing kiri kanan. Airy sket tuk dia. If kat atas dia akn lg snugg n ketat..selesa utk kite tp dia cam rimas pyh gerak :p