31 August 2015

He now rollovers on both sides!

Alhamdulillah, the best merdeka gift ever. Irfan finally made his 1st rollover debut from back to tummy this evening, not in front of me but abg Idlan instead! Mmg adik kesayangan abg long sungguh nih :) He made it few times, more than 5 as reported by idlan. I stayed more than half an hr lying nx to him after that, cheering n giving my utmost moral support but he just didnt want to show it to his mama..sabar jelah :p

Tak sia2 tadi berjln 4 jam kt Mitsui Outlet. Kelmarin plak swimming kt Precint 16. Mak ude ckp kena slalu bwk jln2 ni kasik motivation :p

Good job sayang. Syukur Allah makbulkan doa mama. Pasnih rajin2 meniarap lagi yer...tak sabar mama nk tgk!

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