28 August 2015

Radiofrequency Ablation / Neurotomy

Hubby underwent an RF ablation procedure for his low back injury (in medical term diagnosed as Degenerated Disc Disease) and a platlet rich plasma for both of his knees (torn PCL and ACL) yesterday. Believed that the source of the knee injuries were due to being too over active in sports, plus he has had a motor accident few yrs back.

Alhamdulillah both procedures went well. He is now resting at home for a week. The kids n me made a surprise visit at the hospital right after the procedure. It was my first time driving with Irfan being seated in his car seat. Thx to the smooth traffic, we arrived at Pantai KL in half an hr, and Irfan behaved well throughout the entire journey. Of course he couldnt stop staring at me, jelingan tajam ok. He must've wondered why mama didnt pick me up n hold me like she always did? On our way back he started crying when we entered the car, i pushed the dummy inside his mouth, zikir n tepuk2 him endlessly.until he finally fell asleep..arghh lega sgt!

Today again we made a trip to the hospital to pick up hubby. He settled ok in the car seat, but i need to ensure the dummy is with him whenever he was about to make a fuss :)

Good job sayang! Shall we go to Ioi City Mall after this bila mama boring? Hiksss

P/s: thx to geng lunch for the florist contact, it felt good seeing hubby's puzzled look when the delivery guy came over yesterday :)

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