29 August 2015

Of solid food

Some of the solids that i made for Irfan..
From top to bottom:

1. Sweet potato+carrot - we had our lunch at IOI City Mall, hence his was take away food fr home :)
2. Pumpkin
3. Combination of pumpkin+carrot and fuji apples

4. Chicken+carrot+potato porridge - blended

To regulate his bowel movement, i will ensure that he'll hv a combination of porridge and fruits/vege purees in a single day. Yang paling senang masak..bubur kurma+kismis..no chopping2 or thawing process involved! 

Irfan eats 3x a day. He'll hv his breakfast as early as 8am+ ..which means my day must starts early! 

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