30 August 2015

Outing as a mum of 4

1. Going out & about as a mum of four, you dont really pay attention to the details when it comes to clothing. Go for blouse that requires no ironing. No plain shawl, if possible always go for dark-colored shawl.U sure dont wanna stain ur shawl with saliva, pumpkin, carrot or chicken!

2. Equip urself with the necessary bby gadgets. Stroller, bby carriers, stroller fan are amongst other things. Plain water, thermos, formula, spoon, toys, bib n home made food are included in our case.

3. Always spare bby wipes in ur handbag. It can do wonders to remove stain on ur shawl or shirts :)

4. Do not carry a large handbag. Forget ur stylish tote and go for slings instead. U need to carry a baby and a handbag at the same time. Everything must be easily reachable in seconds! Imagine a crying baby and urself queuing at the payment counter?

5. Be prepared to become the last person to enjoy ur lunch meal. Ur bby may become cranky n wants to sleep the moment you're about to take your 1st bite :)

Enough for now...i'll cont later in a separate entry.

Pic below: me in my favourite purple-black shawl, cardigan+ tshirt buruk pakai basahan kt umah jer :p

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