06 November 2006

The weekend

Yesterday's presentation marks the end of my class for this semester. The presentation was ok, though it was not one of my best :p I asked for a permission to go out early before the class ended, merely to attend Selin's jamuan mkn2 cum engagement ceremony. To Selin, tahniah dan slamat menjadi tunangan orang!

Balik rumah, semua dah flat...terus tido depan tv. I took the opportunity to cover up my last night not-enuff-sleep due to the last minute touch up/adding up more points for assignment+prepare for my presentation.
Lucky i didnt look like a zombie in the class :)

Night came, we had a simple but very fun outing at uncle ronald.
Click here for more pics.


mardhiah12 said...

ingat tak motto kita utk masters? hohoho...sampai tak cukup tidur ni, aku tidur mesti cukup..hoho

yatipruzz said...

beb, ni citernyer. Aku dh lama siap assemen tu, before raya lagi. aku wat 11 page je (30% marks). Sekali aku tanye org2 lain wat sampai 20 page, kelam kabut aku tambah last minute..tu pon dpt 16 page je haha...tido kol 2am lagik tuh..haru biru aku, esok tu gi opis print out balik

ni la akibatnyer suker compare mengompare hoho

(dan 11 page aku tu menunjukkan aku x berusaha bersungguh-sungguh :p)