24 November 2006

There's so much to write yet so little time i have.... It seems that the 24hour per day i used to have before is no longer the same 24hr i have now.

Well the second class has commenced last week, it's HRM and the doc has managed to make the whole class wide awake till the end. He kept on using bombastic words, jargons we never have heard before, and the likes. And now i'm all scared for the individual assignment given. Find any HRM topics of your interest, and do write up/review on it, must relate to some dependent variables in hrm. And after doing extensive surfing and whatsnot, i'm stuck, i'm scared, i dunno what topic i like, dunno what should i write. argh bencinyer bila stuck camni!

and now the terrible headache i got since last nite getting worst, im running out of stock for ponstan, and i feel like vomitting anytime soon. Yesterday evening i drove from seri kembangan to menara tm for our group discussion and it took me 1.15 minutes to arrive. Discussion ends at 910pm, and alhamdulillah i safely arrived at home walaupun kepala tgh pening yg amat...what a tiring day.

enuff on class, the good part of my life, we will soon be getting our house key...tak sabarnyer! Hope there's no major defects on our unit so that we can start doing our grill, kitchen, etc soonest possible. Weekend ni nak spend on surveying and buying some little things like sink, lamps, fans, kitchen accessories....nak survey colour cat...walla bestnyer....and oh yes tomorrow ade MMU family day, harap2 kitorang menang lucky draw :)

Idlan? hoho dia ok..makin garang skang, dah pandai cekak pinggang marah abah! He is so crazy into the incredibles, tapi mmg berbaloi we bought the cd for him. At least i can play the cd so that he wont distract me at kitchen, etc. He can watch it 5-6x per day sampaikan mama can already memorize some catchy phrases of the story..mmg interesting citer tu,dan comel! He now weighs 12kg, and the paed says its within the normal range for a 24-m-o kids. We just discover he loves mc d chicken's foldover, and this week mama prepared toast bread+scrambled egg/chicken sausage+salad+tomato+mayo for his breakfast pack. Dia suker! For his upcoming birthday, i've planned some small celebration amongst the family member, in fact i've drawed out the list of menu inside my head nyeh nyehh (tak share ngan abah pon :p)....kalo boleh cake besday pon nak buat sendiri (tadi pegi bakery yen beli piping bag, semangat giler!). Tapi tgkla camner, planning awal2 ni sometimes when it comes to the day itself, ade plak halangan dan cabarannyer...tgkla nanti.

ok dah pjg dah...deviant brape minit dah ni hehe...have a nice weekend ppl!


ude said...

i'm going to nice/monaco this dec..nk pesan pape

yatipruzz said...


tapela...kitorang tade duit skang, duit allocate utk umah jer now nih huhu


mardhiah12 said...

yati, tajuk related dgn hrm ke ko kena buat? aku ada assignment ttg glass ceiling effect kat TM. nak tak?

yatipruzz said...

menarik tajuk ko. byk ke references? lecturer aku nak references from journal, reviews and articles jer.

btw i was thinking to do flexible working arrangements: towards achieving org effectiveness.
Doc tu dah approve tajuk aku :) lega sesgt

myjulieyana said...

waduh2.. jeleslah ni korang semua dah start.. anyway, insyallah you can do it yati!

yatipruzz said...

ala julie, july taun depan x lama dah tuh hehe...esok2 kalo stuck bley cilok assignment kitorang jer :p

aini- ko buat sampling methods ke utk tajuk ko tuh..nak baca bley?
aku interview and sampling ni malas sket hehe. so aku buat research review jer

mardhiah12 said...

aku cross refer byk joga journal dgn artikel. hmph, sampling method senang je. aku kebetulan hari tu ada dpt data dari HR. tapi tak guna SPSS la, buat gitu2 je. nanti aku godek2 hard drive. weh, nanti assignment ko yg related ttg HRM ni, OB ni, pass kat aku softcopy. boleh aku cilok idea, hehehe..aku pun dgn rela hati bagi ko cilok idea assignment aku tu :D

julie - relax, nanti ko boleh refer assignment kita org

yatipruzz said...

joga journal ape? kasik aku url dia. aku byk tgk emerald mmu jer.

bley, nnt aku send OB, HRM ni tunggu aku finalize dulu nnt aku email ko.

aku spss zero, taknah blajar wat pon hoho

mardhiah12 said...

joga pula, juga ehehehe. aku pakai emerald je hohoho.